10 Photography Props from Amazon that Photographers are Obsessed with

*The following are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

1. This dish pan used for milk baths, bubble baths and even as a newborn poser.

2. These maternity dresses. (Multiple colors available.)

3. This super flowy skirt and this top to go with it. Can also be used for maternity! (Multiple colors available.)

4. This wall tapestry used as a backdrop.

5. This eames chair used for kids!

6. This distressed wooden bucket used for newborns or sitters.

7. This baby girl romper

8. This mini teepee used for newborns or sitters.

9. These hoops that you can use on seamless paper as a backdrop!

10. This macrame swing that you can use in studio or outdoors to create a boho vibe!

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